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ben1 An introduction to Intenga

Saturday, 18 October 2014 02:00

The unique online English learning classroom is finally here. 

The Intenga learning experience combines comfort, interactivity, variety and much more. With the arrival of Intenga not only does a person have a classroom from the comfort of their own home, they also have experienced teachers, a comprehensive and interesting resource library and above all somewhere they can learn English, participate, practise and perfect their skills.
Seven long years ago in Germany, Tomas, the brains behind the operation, saw the light. The light was in the shape of a sophisticated online platform. The platform was made up of the ways in which a person from anywhere in the world could learn English both independently and in a classroom environment. “The idea behind Intenga was that I wanted to make learning online more human.” Tomas himself revealed. And with the introduction of Intenga, he has managed to achieve just that.
Intenga is a place where a person can easily access their learning experience. All they need is a microphone, headphones and a webcam. Registration is quick and hassle free. Once they are a member on the Intenga site, the student is ready to enter the interactive live lessons with a teacher, browse the expansive library of resources or do their own independent study using the modern and engaging material, which can all be used for free. 
The person is first taken to ‘My Room’ where they can see what exciting things lay in wait as part of their online English learning experience.
So what exactly are you waiting for? Minimal effort and maximum reward is just a click away. 
Enjoy and good luck with your English studies,
All the best,
The Intenga team


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